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Biometrix develops, manufactures and markets innovative, high-quality medical devices for intensive care, surgery and interventional cardiology. Offering a wide range of tailored and cost-effective products, Biometrix’s customers benefit from state-of-the-art solutions used in hospitals and medical centers worldwide. The company serves the entire healthcare system, providing reliable single-use solutions for operating rooms, anesthesia, cardio-thoracic, intensive care and emergency units, drug delivery, cath-labs and homecare.

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Biometrix BV

Overbroek 10 6247 EN

Gronsveld, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)43 204 1010 | +31 (0)43 204 1014

Fax: +31 (0)43 204 1012




The Critical Care Products division develops and manufactures innovative solutions for different aspects of the critically ill patient and intensive care units.

There are several product lines included in this division:

  • Centra-Line™ – multi-lumen central venous, arterial, high flow and dialysis catheter sets
  • Art-Line™ – invasive blood pressure monitoring systems including closed systems for blood sampling
  • Urimetrix™ – closed urine meter systems, abdominal pressure sets, Foley catheters with thermistor
  • Infu-Line™ – specialty I.V. lines and sets for drug delivery as PVC free sets, micro-bore lines for neonates and nutrition filter sets

Critical Care

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Biometrix Surgery is dedicated to the development of pioneering advancements in drainage systems and drains for facilitating soft tissue healing following trauma, surgery and/or other interventional procedures.

There are two main product lines in this category:

  • Biovac™ – complete range of low vacuum closed wound drainage systems for orthopedic, abdominal, plastic and neurosurgery
  • Thorametrix™ – chest drainage systems, thoracic catheters and pneumothorax sets


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Biometrix offers a complete product line for interventional cardiology and radiology. Some of the Angio-Line™ products and accessories include: Contrast media injection lines, sets and syringes, angiography guide wires, haemostatic valve introducer sets, PTCA accessory kits and comprehensive custom procedure trays (part of the Biometrix CPT program).

Angiography & Cath-Lab

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Biometrix’s innovative and fully customized procedure trays comply with physician’s specifications, ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability, during procedures at healthcare facilities and cath labs.
Committed to quality solutions, the tray includes the complete product portfolio of sterile single-use components, from precision devices to draping systems and accessories.

The tray enables you to offer immediate treatment in a completely sterile environment, addressing the major concerns of fluid control, infection, and patient and surgeon safety.

Biometrix CPT

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