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EMS continues this tradition in a spirit of relentless innovation nurtured by an impeccable track record of success. From our corporate headquarters in Nyon on the shores of Lake Geneva, EMS looks towards the future with confidence.

Our wide range of medical precision equipment (orthopedic, urological and dental prophylaxis instruments) benefits from a tradition of flawless Swiss quality ensured by over 300 skilled and specialized employees. As a market leader, EMS sets industrial standards by developing micromechanical devices of unequalled quality and crafted with Swiss precision; this is the result of our constant drive to perfection.

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E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems S.A.
Chemin de la Vuarpillière, 31
1260, Nyon

Tel: +41 22 99 44 700

Fax: +41 22 99 44 701

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Swiss LithoClast® Master

The All – In – One Solution for Intracoporeal Lithotripsy

The Swiss LithoClast® Master is a dedicated development which allows to choose the best intracorporeal lithotripsy method for the various treatment indications by integrating three basic intracorporeal lithotripsy tools and methods into one device:

  • Pneumatic Lithotripter – the Swiss LithoClast® technology
  • Ultrasonic Lithotripter -New Vario Ultrasound Handpiece
  • Swiss LithoVac® technology – The Suction System

Swiss LithoClast® 2

The Swiss LithoClast® 2 System represents the “Gold Standard” for lithotripsy of all types of urinary stones as the successor of the classic Swiss LithoClast®.

The Swiss LithoClast® 2 method:

  • Endoscopically controlled
  • Safe, effective, no tissue trauma
  • individually selectable impulse frequency
  • double foot padle
  • new innovative LithoVac® suction system
  • reduced push back effect
  • convenient and easy handling without assistace of additional personnel
  • Highly reliable
  • Rapid disintegration reduces OR time
  • Cost effective

On a worldwide scale, far more than a million urinary stone treatments have been performed successfully, using more than 7,000 Swiss LithoClast® systems. All Swiss LithoClast® 2 application parts are autoclavable.

Swiss LithoBreaker®

Cordless Lithotripsy ► The Handy Way

The Swiss LtihoBreaker® is a cordless, mobile lithotripsy device, incorporating a lithotripsy impulse generator and an energy source with enough capacity for even extended lithotripsy sessions. The Lithobreaker® is very compact and lightweight.

This mobile stand-alone lithotripsy solution has been especially developed for the treatment of ureteric stones – the vast majority of urinary stones.



Vario Ultrasound Handpiece Upgrade Kit

Perfectly Suits All Treatment Modalities

Faster Stone Clearance – Less Blockings

Optimized fragment transport through dedicated suction connectors

Enhanced ultrasound effectiveness through optimized transducer design

Improved Ergonomics

Decreased size and weight for more comfort and convenient handling

Fast Intraoperative Change

Switch from combined ultrasound / pneumatic mode to ultrasound only mode within seconds



Swiss LaserClast®

Versatile                 Compact              Effective

The 20W Swiss LaserClast® Holmium: YAG laser system provides optimum power and pulse duration for effective stone and soft tissue treatments.



Swiss LithoPump®

Dedicated Suction Solution for All Lithoclast® Devices

Precisely Adjustable For All Suction Requirements of Lithotripsy Procedures

  • Fail-safe, silent, no electricity, easy setup
    Fully pneumatically driven pump based on the Venturi principe
  • Highly adjustable, controls negative pressure
    Constant optimal view without pressure peaks
  • Hygienic and clean
    Double bacteria retention filter system
  • Accessories by MEDELA
    Complete configuration, either disposable or reusable


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Swiss DolorClast® Smart

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT®)

Compact, Lightweight, Versatile > In Short, Smart

The Swiss DolorClast® Smart now makes radial shock wave therapy even smarter >

enhanced versatility and mobility, improved treatment results and better economics.

Swiss DolorClast® Smart 20

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Radial Shock Wave Therapy (RSWT®)

Smarter and Faster !

The new Swiss DolorClast® smart 20 offers a new range of frequencies up to 20 Hz for faster RSWT® treatment and maximum performance.

With its timeless design, even smarter inside, the Swiss DolorClast® smart 20 is an affordable device for practitioners who need to fast track set-ups and treatments.

Swiss DolorClast® Master

The Ultimate Radial Shock Wave Experience

Upgraded with an intuitive touchscreen interface, the new generation of the Swiss DolorClast® Master features 17 ready-to-treat protocols with preset recommended settings, and up to 200 logs for tailored treatment protocols. Designed for easy-to-run sessions, the Swiss DolorClast® Master is the first and only one device to feature an air pressure Vs Energy Flux Density (EFD) converter. This option automatically calculates the EFD output (in mJ/mm²) corresponding to the air pressure level (in bar) chosen for the treatment.

Integrating a comprehensive therapeutic guide, the device gives access to anatomical and clinical definitions, list of published clinical studies, contra-indications and risks for each of the 17 approved indications. Dedicated to patient-oriented therapy, the Swiss DolorClast® Master enables to store patients files with automatic treatment history and offers a Visual Analog Scale solution to track pain reduction throughout the treatment.

The upgraded Swiss DolorClast Master® is the master of best practices in RSWT® and is configured with the new pioneering Swiss DolorClast® EVO BLUE handpiece.

Swiss DolorClast® Classic

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT)

Without any doubt, in a class of its own! Since 1999, the Swiss DolorClast® has been setting new standards in orthopaedic shockwave therapy (ESWT) as the world market leader, with over 6000 devices in use worldwide. The system, specially designed for orthopaedic use, offers everything you need for Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT).

The Swiss DolorClast® method has changed orthopaedic pain therapy: The device is small, effective and mobile.

It ensures a gentle and efficient treatment with pneumatically generated shockwaves, which are transmitted into the area of pain. Impulse frequencies can be freely selected, allowing the duration of treatment to be kept as short as possible: A treatment with 2,000 impulses only takes about five to ten minutes. Installation is immediate. All you need is a normal electrical outlet, then: Plug and treat!



Power+ handpiece

A Revolution In Radial Shock Wave Therapy

Using a precisely controlled compressed air pulse, a projectile in the handpiece is accelerated to high speed and guided with µ precision. As it strikes the applicator in the handpiece, the projectile generates low to high-energy shockwaves to be transmitted to the treatment area. Energy flux density is continuously variable (stepless).

A modified design, an adjusted travel distance, the size of projectile and new applicators account for higher energy flux density.

Evo Blue handpiece

The New Pioneering RSWT® Handpiece

The new EVO BLUE handpiece sets a breakthrough through its technical design. Based on finite elements modeling, new applicators improve shock wave transmission and are less prone to breakage. First and unique handpiece to deliver constant Energy Flux Density (EFD) output throughout the entire spectrum of frequency, the EVO BLUE enables to treat 6 times larger areas in the same amount of time with a 36 mm applicator at 4 bar, compared to a 15 mm applicator at 2 bar. Not only is the EFD constant, but the EVO BLUE delivers a higher energy compared to other handpieces on the market.

The EVO BLUE also comes with a smart-lock piston replacement system that allows practitioners to do the maintenance directly on-site, without any extra tool and in less than a minute.



Swiss PiezoClast®

Focused Shockwave Therapy

Launched in September 2009, the Swiss PiezoClast® unit is added to the products range in orthopaedics generating focused shockwaves for the treatment of various indications of the musculoskeletal system. It can be combined to the Swiss DolorClast for a complete and modular system referenced as the Swiss DuoClast®.

The Swiss PiezoClast® ensures an efficient treatment with piezoelectrically generated shockwaves which are transmitted into the area of pain. Installation and working are simple.



Swiss DuoClast®

Radial and focused shock wave duo in perfection from the inventor of the Original Swiss DolorClast® Method :

The Swiss DuoClast combines a low- and high-energy radial extracorporeal shockwave device (Swiss DolorClast Classic unit) with a low- and high-energy focused extracorporeal shock wave device (Swiss PiezoClast unit) in modular manner.

Launched in September 2009, the Swiss PiezoClast unit generates focused shock waves using the piezoelectric principle for the treatment of various indications of the musculoskeletal system.

Shock Waves

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