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The Gabler Medical Group of Companies, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, was founded in 1963.

Originally the company specialised in the field of medical equipment mounting systems and pipeline suction equipment. Over the years the Group’s activities have expanded, by organic growth and by acquisition, into three distinct areas:

Capital equipment
Surgical sutures
Sale and distribution of medical devices

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Warden House, 37 Manor Road

Colchester, Essex, C03 3LX

United Kingdom

Tel:  +44 1206 576864

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Synthetic absorbable sutures


Pure Polyglycolic Acid, Coated, Braided Synthetic Absorbable Sutures

  • Viamac is a pure polymer derived from Glycolic acid, finely braided and coated with the co-polymers of Glycolide, Lactide and Calcium Sterate. The coating bonds naturally with the thread, which glides easily through tissue. Reduced surface friction means minimal trauma.
  • The material is very soft, handles well, with knots easy to place and good holding characteristics. Cosmetic results are excellent with minimal tissue reaction.
  • Viamac gives maximum support through the critical first few days of wound healing, assisting until the healing process is complete, then rapid absorption takes place. The loss of tensile strength is very predictable at all stages of the healing process.
  • Meets USP standards for all gauges of braided synthetic absorbable material.
  • Available in violet or un-dyed in sizes USP 2 (5 metric) to USP 6/0 (0.7 metric).

Viamac React

Pure Polyglycolic Acid, Coated, Braided, Synthetic Absorbable Sutures

  • Viamac* React is a fast absorbing material produced under controlled manufacturing conditions that includes a double sterilization system. This process creates a reaction in the material which enables rapid absorption in the body.
  • The un-dyed material gives excellent cosmetic surgery results, with minimal tissue reaction. The material can be used in place of plain catgut for gynaecology procedures. Available in the same gauge sizes as Viamac*.


Monofilament sutures


Monofilament Polypropylene Sutures

  • Pro-vein is made from the polymer of propylene. Polypropylene sutures are inert, supple and handle well. Due to its controlled elongation, the knots lie flat and lock against each other, giving excellent knot security.
  • There is minimal tissue drag and tissue trauma, which allows for easy placement and removal.
  • Pro-vein is as inert as steel, and because it is unaffected by tissue enzymes, the strands provide prolonged tensile strength, even in infected areas.
  • Available in sizes USP 2 to USP 7/0 on a range of needled items. All Pro-vein sutures are attached to 18 – 8 stainless steel needles for maximum strength and durability.


Blue Monofilament Polyamide 6 Sutures

  • Scimitar has a new dark blue Polyamide 6 nylon suture that is an exceptionally strong, smooth and pliable monofilament suture.
  • The material is very smooth and pliable and does not require a lubricant, as it slides easily through tissue. The nylon, because of its smoothness and even diameter, makes knot-tying and placement very simple.
  • This material has very high in vivo tensile strength and does not support bacterial growth across the cut line when closing skin or subcuticular layers.
  • Scimitar nylon is available in sizes USP 2 to USP 7/0 on a range of 18 – 8 stainless steel surgical needles.


Braided sutures


Coated Braided Polyester Sutures

  • Macron braided polyester gives maximum strength and flexibility for superior results in Cardiovascular, Vascular and Orthopaedic surgery.
  • Macron’s manufacturing process gives the polyester superior softness and compliance for maximum surgical hand. The firm round nature of the material combined with 18 – 8 stainless steel laser drilled needles are the ultimate for use in cardiovascular surgery.
  • The coating forms a cohesive bonding with the polyester, which aids the sutures passage through tissue, similar to that of a monofilament.
  • Macron coated braided polyester has long-term retention of strength in vivo.
  • Available in sizes USP 5 to USP 5/0 on needled items.
  • The colour of the material is a blue/green.


Black or White Coated Braided Sutures

  • Natural silk strands are de-gummed prior to braiding, which retains the silk’s body and elasticity, creating ideal handling characteristics.
  • The manufacturing process produces a tightly braided silk strand with a uniform diameter resulting in a predictable and reliable high-tensile strength.
  • The firm strand is uniformly coated with either silicon or a bees wax / paraffin wax combination. This process enhances the performance of the silk as it passes through tissue. The smooth coated silk ties down easily and the knots lie flat and hold securely.
  • The coating process minimizes the possibilty of the transmission of infection along the length of the strand.
  • Available in sizes USP 3 to USP 6/0 on a range of needled codes.



Plain & Chromic Catgut Sutures

  • High quality free-range beef serosa ribbons from Brazil are selected for maximum uniform tensile strength (BSE free).
  • Enzymatic and mechanical cleaning ensures exceptionally high levels of collagen purity for optimal in vivo performance.
  • The ribbons selected for chromic catgut sutures are treated prior to spinning with buffered chromium salt solution.
  • The electronically polished catgut, to tolerances of 0.004mm, ensures an exact surface smoothness for great handling and smooth passage through tissue. This causes minimal trauma and creates dependable knot run down and knot strength.
  • Available in sizes USP 2 (6 metric) to USP 6/0 (1 metric), softened with glycerine.



'18 - 8' Stainless Steel Surgical Needles

  • 18 – 8 Stainless steel was developed in Japan specifically for the manufacture of end-drilled eyeless surgical needles. Highly advanced metallurgical technology was used to develop this superior austenitic steel.
  • The material can be precisely sharpened on the points and cutting edges, and when polished, the material has a bright lustre. The extra-smooth finish dramatically reduces the resistance of the needle passage through tough and dense tissue.
  • 18 – 8 needles are tempered to ensure flexibility and ductility.
  • Scimitar has a comprehensive range of needle types, shapes and sizes to meet the surgeon’s suture requirements. These are attached to 8 different material types.

Scimitar Sutures

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