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IMS S.r.l. was incorporated in 1965 thanks to initiative of Mr. Toniolo, the current President.

The Company originally established itself in the X-ray products and Conventional radiography units.

In 1990 the production and R&D Departments changed focus to specialize in MAMMOGRAPHY & BIOPSY.

IMS grew and in only a few years became one of the leading international names in mammography.

Today IMS can boast a modern production based on the “Lean Thinking” philosophy, a new approach focused on the activities and processes with greater value added and eliminating waste, and a global distribution pursued through business partners in over 50 worldwide countries.

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Internazionale Medico Scientifica

Via Sagittario 5 – 40037 Pontecchio Marconi

Bologna Italy
Tel: +39 051 84 68 51

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DBT - Digital Breast Tomosynthesis | Giotto Class

Tomosynthesis, Tomo or stereo biopsy, prone and upright


GIOTTO CLASS is a patented breast tomosynthesis device that implements several innovative 3D solutions.

It is designed with original leading-edge technologies that guarantee superior clinical results while using low dose.

In addition to TOMOSYNTHESIS, GIOTTO CLASS offers a multitude of diagnostic solutions such as biopsy with tomosynthesis images with the patient in an upright or prone position.


GIOTTO CLASS is a versatile system with which you can perform:

  • FFDM
  • BIOPSY with Tomosynthesis or Stereo with the patient in a PRONE or UPRIGHT position


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DBT - Digital Breast Tomosynthesis | Giotto Tomo

Tomosynthesis, Sterotactic biopsy


It is well documented that tomosynthesis was developed to resolve cases in which, due to a superimposition of tissues, a lesion could be hidden.

The detection of early-stage breast cancer has today received a large boost from results of recent scientific research about the 2nd generation tomosynthesis.

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download button DBT – Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Giotto Class

download button DBT – Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Giotto Tomo

FFDM - Full Field Digital Mammography | Giotto Image 3D

Mammography, Sterotactic and prone biopsy


Working with GIOTTO IMAGE is fast and easy. It fully meets the demands of busy mammography departments with high patient throughputs, such as screening units. Four control panels placed in strategic locations on the unit make it possible to control manual and automatic movements from any position.


Positioning with GIOTTO IMAGE is more comfortable and more flexible than positioning with any other mammography unit. You can use the conventional mode, positioning the patient from the side or the face-to-face positioning: you might find it faster and more effective. Use one or the other depending on the patient’s anatomy: the aim is to optimize quickly and efficiently the quality of the result.

Digital Mammography

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download button FFDM – Full Field Digital Mammography Giotto Image

Analog Units | Giotto Image

Mammography, Digital Biopsy

Outstanding Image quality, state-of-the-art technology, ergonomics and flexibility: this is Giotto Image.

The analog Giotto Image was developed in over 30 years. It combines the highest technology standard with the ergonomics of the ring-shaped gantry.

Any positioning is possible standing, sitting (in a wheel chair), even lying on the back is possible.

The special ring-shaped solution adopted by IMS and the related 3D-positioning lets the patient relaxed .This effect allows the operator to bring all the tissue, even the retromammary, into the field of vision of the image.

Biopsy Digit & Mammo-Bed

The only one system for mammography and Prone, Upright and Lateral biopsy using the same detector.  2-in-1 system!

The stereotactic biopsy option expands the functionality of the Giotto Image. The Giotto Image mammography can be quickly converted into a stereotactic biopsy system. The unusual flexibility allows stereotactic procedures both in upright and prone position.

Biopsy Digit is compatible with all kinds of commercially available biopsy devices: all brands of VABBs and also fine needle aspiration (FNA) for cytology.

The conversion to prone unit is quick and easy. The stereotactic device “Biopsy Digit” simply slides in replacing the bucky. With a gentle movement the gantry tilts up to the horizontal position.

It is easy for the patient to get on the Mammobed: with a lower height of only 74 cm there is no need for additional steps. Push-buttons placed on both sides of the Mammobed allow it to raise to the desired height.