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Salvamed A.D. is a major player in Europe in the field of specialized medical devices, and in particular, in the manufacturing of CPTs (Custom Procedure Trays), single use surgical instruments, orthopedic products, gauzes and non-woven products.

Salvamed A.D. was established in 1998 by Luigi Salvadori S.p.A, a company specialized in the design and production of medical textiles since 1907 and leader in the Italian market.

Salvamed A.D. has highly advanced machinery for the manufacturing, processing and packaging of gauzes and non-woven products, along with automated equipment for manufacturing and packing sterile and non-sterile swabs and laparotomy sponges.

The strength of Salvamed lies in the ability to personalize the products according to the indications of customers, while maintaining extremely high quality standards.

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Salvamed a.d.

Industrial area Sokolovetz

2800 – Sandanski, Bulgaria

Tel: +359 746 31554 – 5

Fax: +359 746 38798





Suture kit

Suture removal kit

Trichotomy kit

Pap test kit

Skin preparation kit

Gynaecology kit

Epidural kit

Dressing kit

Catheterization kit

Dialysis on-off kit

Circumcision kit


Custom Procedure packs

Laparotomy procedure pack

Extremity procedure pack

Angiography procedure pack

General surgery procedure pack

Delivery procedure pack

Epidural procedure pack



Plain drape / Utility drape

Adhesive drape

Fenestrated drape

Adhesive fenestrated drape

Adhesive U-split drape

Epidural drape

Laparoscopy drape

Laparotomy drape

Extremity drape

Arthroscopy drape

Vertical isolation drape

Angiography drape

Cardiovascular drape

Under-buttocks drape

C-Section drape

TUR drape

Ophthamology drape

Table cover

Mayo stand cover




General surgery


Cardio-thoracic-vascular surgery



Neurosurgery, ENT, Ophthalmology


Single use surgical instruments

Operating scissors

Haemostatic forceps

Thumb and tissue forceps

Needle holders

Sterile Single use surgical instruments

Orthopaedics products

P.O.P. bandages

Orthopaedic padding

Tubular bandage


Gauze & non-woven dressing

Sterile  Gauze swabs

Sterile Gauze laparotomic sponges

Sterile Gauze laparotomic sponges prewashed

Sterile Gauze balls

Sterile Surgical gauze dressing

Sterile Non-woven swabs

Sterile Non woven laparotomic sponges

Sterile Non woven balls

Gauze swabs

Gauze laparotomic sponges

Gauze laparotomic sponges prewashed

Gauze balls

Non-woven swabs

Non woven laparotomic sponges

Non woven balls

Cut gauze

Gauze bandages


Dressing for pharmacy

Sterile Gauze swabs for pharmacy

Sterile Non woven swabs for pharmacy

Sterile Adhesive dressing for pharmacy

Sterile Ocular swabs for pharmacy

Absorbent cotton for pharmacy

Adhesive strips for pharmacy

Adhesive tapes for pharmacy


Other Items

Military pack

First aid dressing

Gauze balls x-ray

Preparation balls

Flat tampons

Tracheotomy gauze bib

Tracheotomy gauze lap + balls

Tracheotomy gauze swab

Curved gauze lap

Gauze rolled swabs

Flat swab

Triangular gauze lap



Emergency bags