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UROTECH GmbH has proven to be a reliable industry partner for urology and endourology communities. In our German facilities, we design specialty products for hospital and practice settings. UROTECH is the only company worldwide that provides ureteral catheters and nephrostomy catheters coated with phosphorylcholine, in order to reduce complications related with such implants and thus to extend the duration of product use.

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Medi-Globe-Str. 1-5

83101 Achenmühle, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)8032 973-200

Fax: +49 (0)8032 973-211




Ureteral Stents

UROTECH offers a wide range of Ureteral Stents and sets for all kinds of standard and specialized applications including a large assortment of paediatric sizes. Our White-Star and Green-Star stent lines excel with their versatile application focus (for long-term and short-term indwelling times). The Yellow-Star stent line with its unique and exclusive phosphorylcholine (PC) treatment represents a quantum leap in stent development.



For the wide field of Nephrostomy, UROTECH offers a large range of catheters and sets tailor-made for all current operating techniques such as direct nephrostomy, 2-step or standard percutaneous nephrostomy. Our range of catheters includes balloon, J-tip as well as uniquely phosphorylcholine (PC) treated catheters to minimize the infection rate around the puncture site.


Suprapubic Bladder Drainage

Suprapubic Bladder Puncture and Exchange Sets are available for standard and paediatric sizes. We offer balloon as well as J-shaped silicone catheters for this urological speciality application. The offered sets contain all relevant components such as catheters, guidewires, dilators and split cannulas.


Stone Baskets

Among various technologies to extract stones from the urinary tract, Stone Baskets remain a highly effective and cost sensitive tool for urologists. UROTECH presents itself with a wide range of nitinol stone retrieval baskets including helical, straight and filiform wire baskets.

UROTECH developed together with Prof. Dr. med. Sven Lahme (Chief physician, Siloah St. Trudpert Klinikum Pforzheim, Germany) a new innovative handle for all stone retrieval baskets. This handle is characterized by several unique design elements.


Foley Catheters

In our range of Foley Balloon Catheters we provide 2-way and 3-way silicone devices with Couvelaire, Dufour and Mercier tips to best suit our customer`s individual needs. All our catheters are kink stable and non-allergic to ensure the highest level of patient comfort and safety without compromising the device`s irrigation performance.


Through our variety of guidewires, biopsy needles, biopsy cannulas and various accessories for use in urology, we offer a complete coverage of the needs of our customers.


Ureteral Catheters

Our line of Ureteral Catheters primarily used for retrograde Urography are being offered as Nelaton, Tiemann as well as Chevassu Tip versions. All models share an outstanding radiopaque visibility as well as a smooth surface for painless and easy insertion.



For the related field of Urodynamic applications, UROTECH provides a line of Cystometry Measurement and Fill Catheters. In addition to that we present a line of Rectal Pressure Catheters and Accessories.


Special Products

To complete our line of endourological disposables, UROTECH also offers a range of special products such as KOSI Balloon Catheters for radiographic visualization of the female urethra or Pyeloplasty Catheters for renal pelvis plastic.


Paediatric Urology

The treatment of children represents a medical but also an emotional challenge. The company UROTECH was / is raised in working with you on this challenge.